Welcome to FarPoint Creative Marketing and Consulting. Whether you need help with your Marketing, Advertising or Business Operation, let me put my years of experience to work for you. I look forward to helping you achieve your goals and having some fun along the way!

To me it’s quite simple: provide excellent service to my clients at an affordable price to enable them to grow their business.

Why not have a conversation with me to see if I can help? It won’t cost you anything and heck, I’ll even bring the coffee.

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Jamie Foehner

Owner/Chief Storyteller


The key to branding your business, adding more customers, or selling more services to your customers is straightforward—it starts with a story. No matter what method or channel you use, the core of what you want to be or do should be based on the engaging story you share.

That’s why I started FarPoint. I believe that most traditional agencies and media outlets focus on the product or products they want to sell you, not necessarily what might be the best way—or only way—for you to attract more customers.


As an independent consultant, I'm loyal to my clients, not to any one medium or service, and because of my experience, I can offer all of the newest ways to engage with your customer. I have been storytelling for years. My vast experience in Film, Television, Radio, and Advertising led me to create FarPoint. Just think of me as Chief Storyteller for your business!



(Marketing, Advertising, Customer Retention, Business Operations)

Creative Services

(Writing, Video/Film, Audio Production, Original Music/Sound Design, Voice Overs)

Brand Marketing

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Here's what they are saying...

"Reliability is a strong suit for Jamie. If we had any issues or challenges, he was right there with us."
"Jamie is an excellent storyteller and that helps paint a vision for the many who can't see the end result."
"Fiery, passionate, creative, and very concerned about the outcome."
"Creative ability to ‘tell the story’ in whatever media he uses."
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